Learn Internet Marketing from Three Professionals

If you enjoy reading the parts of this blog that focus on SEO and Internet Marketing, but would like to understand some of the more advanced concepts better or if you are just getting started or even if you consider yourself to be a true expert already you are going to want to know about this.

What if three professionals got together to develop the most in depth training ever put together, not just SEO Training, not just Pay Per Click Training, not just analytics training or even how to do some basic programming, but all of these skills and more into one symbiotic training program?

So who are these three pros?

Well let’s start off with me, as you may know if you frequent this blog often I am Jack Spirko. I have been building websites and optimizing them to sell and be ranked well in search engines since early 2000. Prior to my days in SEO and Internet Marketing I was a professional sales person for over 10 years working for companies like Fluke Networks, Garrettcom and Data Connection.

In time I developed such a love for online marketing I made the career switch from professional sales and sales management into full time Internet Marketing. For a time I was the head of Internet Marketing for one of the oldest and largest Internet Marketing Agencies in Dallas Texas and I am currently the eMarketing Manager for a large telecom provider with more then 450,000 customers. While I am strong in most areas of Internet Marketing my particular skill sets revolve around Organic SEO, Email List Building and exploiting popular trends.

Next on the list is Mark Barrera, who is currently the head of a major Internet marketing agency in the North Texas Area. Mark attended UNT as a student in their Entrepreneurship Program and at one time was actually one of the people who worked for me. In my time working with Mark I learned as much from him as he ever could have learned from me. While his skill set is extremely diverse Mark is the best Pay Per Click Marketing specialist I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

His ability to create profitable campaigns and define ROI is beyond compare along with his ability to exploit public relations outlets and understand and interpret Analytics data. Mark is the kind of person who knows how to get a site to make money, his job depends on doing it every day for major clients.

Now on to Benjamin Fitts, known as Ben Fitts to his friends. Ben is an Internet Marketer that has been developing and making money from websites for more then 10 years now. Ben is a master of the Affiliate and Information marketing spaces with a strong understanding of what makes people buy or become a lead for your web site.

In his professional life Ben is a programmer and brings the more technical aspects of web site development and Internet marketing to our program. Ben is the kind of guy that can code PHP from the ground up to create scripts and custom programs for everything from information capture to custom greetings for web visitors. The real beauty is unlike many programmers Ben also fully understands concepts like Conversion, Search Engine Ranking and Landing Page Optimization.

The three of us have worked together on projects over the years and have always wanted to do something really special together. Just a few days ago we created a new company called The ICE Marketing Group, LLC. ICE stands for Interactive Creatvie Education.

The concept of our training is simple, we provide video based training that shows you exactly what to do, from setting up site analytics, to installing software and blogs to optimizing your pages to get them listed by the search engines. We are currently building a huge library of video trainings from the most basic such as how to set up and manage a Google Blogger Blog to more advanced tactics like how to use PHP includes to make your site more efficient to update, manage and optimize.

We came up with this concept after each of us has spent years meeting people that want to learn to make money online. Many of them have spent a lot of money on informational products and complicated scripts. Most of these people failed to get anything out of these products. Sometimes because the products themselves were just junk but more often because the individual did not have two key abilities. They were,

1. The technical knowledge to know how to implement the concepts in the informational product or how to install and use the software or system they purchased.

2. Possibly more crucial they did not have the understanding of why to implement these techniques or systems. Most products are simply one part of a marketing plan. If you don’t have the big picture as to how everything should work together your chance to succeed is very low, no matter how good the information is.

So we decided to use video and make every lesson focus on two things. First step by step exactly how from a technical stand point to do the things that a marketer should be able to do. Our videos take a skill and show you step by step how to do it and if you don’t get it the first time around, rewind and watch again.

Second our videos explain the WHY behind these lessons, referencing other skills and concepts over time helping you to form a complete understanding of the process behind Internet Marketing and why some people get great results and others might get mediocre or very poor results even when on the surface it looks to you like they are both doing the same things.

The best part is working with our program will be like working directly with three professional marketers. It will be like siting next to us, looking over our shoulder and seeing the actual things we really do daily to be successful for ourselves and our clients.

So are you ready to start leaning from us?

Great but unfortunately you can’t just yet, our program is still in development but it will be released soon and there will be a free trial available to anyone that asks. So if you would like to be notified as soon as the first free videos are available for viewing, just provide us with your name and email. We will only use your contact information to let you know when the videos are available, you will not be spammed or hit with a million follow up messages, we do not work that way. So please provide a valid email address or you will not be notified properly.